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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

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Subject: Azeri Genocide by Armenians - www.khojaly.org.az

   Dear Madam/Sir!
   I would like to express my gratitude to you for your high justice in decision-making, which support and guarantee a peace and protect the human rights. Since we have justice in our minds, we can achieve the stable life conditions everywhere.
   September 11th tragedy showed us a cruel and terrible face of terror. First of all, world community understands how dangerous situation it occurred in. And as one of the victims of terror, the USA a land of democracy and millions of people regardless their religion, language, race and national origins, has taken mission survivor against plague XXI century - a terror. Azerbaijan is also a victim of terror, Armenian terror, which is indisputable truth that has to be approved by world community. Cause the crimes committed by the Armenian terrorists is a crime against civilization and humanity.
   Dear Madam/Sir, we know that the US government is trying to settle Upper Karabakh conflict as a co-chairman of the Minsk Group of OSCE and we much appreciate efforts put by the US government and officials. Besides that a solution of Karabakh problem is crucially important for Western community, because Caucasus region, esp. Azerbaijan needs to be stable in order to achieve a realization of energy related and other projects in the region. Peace in Caucasus is a goal of West. But how peace can be achieved that is a question, which needs to be answered. By this letter I ask You to help Azerbaijan government in settlement of Karabakh conflict.
   Dear Madam/Sir, in conclusion, I want to focus your attention on Khojaly tragedy, an analogous of September 11th events. In 1992 the US Congress declared the Khojaly massacre - the tragedy of 1992. The massacre in Khojaly differs form others brutality and wild methods of murderingThe massacre in Khojaly was written with bloody letters in Civilization History as Genocide of Azeris.
   At the end I ask you to visit a web-site www.khojaly.org.az dedicated to Azeri Genocide in Khojaly city. I need to mention that materials are based on information of witnesses, reporters and survived citizens of Khojaly city.

   Best Regards,
   Your Full Name, position (e.g. student, schoolboy, teacher, accountant etc.)
   Baku, Azerbaijan

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